Got questions? We got answers.

I'm too busy to go to this...

That's fair, people are busy. We know you will get a ton of value and actionable advice from this one day that will change your actions going forward, for the better! Make sustainability a priority and take a day for the planet!

Can't you do this online?

In future we'll have an online viewing option available through our partner AV Canada. IN the meantime, we have opted to do an in person event in order to build community and networking. We hope to see you there!

Are you climate experts?

We aren't, we are meeting industry professionals with a long history of activism and action in this arena. We know a few climate experts ...and many of them will be there to discuss  the issues and the solutions.

It's expensive

This event is an investment in the way you do business going forward - we guarantee iif you do the work, you will be changed, for the better, by investing in this event. 

I already am sustainable..

Congratulations! As a leader in this area, you will be able to help share your knowledge and practices with others. You will also learn the newest ways to address the climate challenge and create a network that will help us all work together.

The people I work with don't believe in climate change

It's a charged issue for sure - we will address how to talk to people and find common ground, no matter who you are working with.