Marketing Green Panelists


Rebecca Bartlett Jones

Rebecca Bartlett-Jones, CSP (Canadian Sales Professional) is the Manager of Business Development for Green Key Global. Rebecca is responsible for the business development of Green Key Global - the world’s leading sustainability program for hotels and meeting spaces.Rebecca’s deep and successful sales experience will drive the continued expansion of Green Key Global in Canada and throughout North America, at a time when sustainability is a key priority for hotel companies around the world. 


Suzanne Janke l Stratus Vineyards

In 2005 Stratus Vineyards was the first wineries in the world to become LEED-certified. From the way they were built to the way they operate everyday, sustainability is at the core of all they do! Come learn from Suzanne, Estate Director, about how they operate as one of the best wineries in the Niagara region with minimal environmental impact


Mason Prout

Mason is the Environmental Point Person at Patagonia Toronto, where he oversees the environmental initiatives and social media presence on a local level. This includes the allocation of grant donations to local non-profit organizations, inspiring staff to participate in engagement opportunities such as Activism Hours and internships, maintaining a positive and active relationship with grassroots environmental groups, and implementing and supporting environmental initiatives from both Patagonia and community partners.


Todd Green

Todd Green began teaching at Goodman School of Business, Brock University in 2014. He holds a PhD in Marketing from Simon Fraser University, a MBA from McMaster University, and a BSc in Finance from Seton Hall University. He teaches introduction to marketing, consumer behaviour, and marketing communications. Green's research interests focuses primarily on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and includes both the consumer response to CSR and the role of CSR in marketing communications. He has also completed research examining the consumer response to environmentally friendly marketing. Additionally, current research projects include examining the influence of retailer size on the consumer response to both socially responsible and irresponsible behaviour and exploring the research-practice gap in CSR-related advertising.